Michael Withall, Samantha Jones, Johanna Tacadena & Philip Mehl

live to play

HUDSON VALLEY IMPROV offers classes, private workshops and live shows in improvisation.  Our philosophy about improv is that everyone - and we mean EVERYONE - should be doing it. Our method of improv is based in personal empowerment and a unique blend of actor training techniques we find imperative for a skilled improvisor. 

After teaching her method in NYC for 20 years, Samantha Jones moved to the Hudson Valley and founded Hudson Valley Improv.  Once word spread, our classes were filled with curious people from all backgrounds. "I've always wanted to take an improv class!" became a regular saying around here, and we were thrilled to bring that opportunity to our students.  

Improv Empowerment is our base level class and the core training for our method. Here students join a small supportive environment where they begin to tackle the exciting task of learning how to play again. Jones' intuitive approach cuts to the chase and no time is wasted while excavating to the core of each participants inspired self. Each class is personally catered to the people in it, so many of our students take it over and over again to have a regular place to work out in improv. (More