I'm not an actor. How can Improvisation help me in my job?
Improvisation is all about tapping back into those natural instincts we were born with that give us the potential to succeed. So many of us hit our teens and lose a great deal of confidence. We are obsessed with fitting in and forget the parts of our personalities that make us brave, unique and in a long term sense marketable. We all want to stand out in our jobs. We want to bring great ideas to the table. We want to be good team players or leaders. We want to be acknowledged for our work. We want to shine. In JONES' course you get back to the essence of who you are. You rediscover your playful and imaginative self in a completely safe atmosphere. Most importantly, you will become fearless in work and in life.

What kinds of topics could be addressed in our workshop?
Specialized courses and one - day events can address almost anything. Here are some ideas:
Morale: Create memories, build trust, know each other better,   lighten up the mood of the workplace
Effective Brain Storming: Removing blocks, creative thinking, playing outside of the box
Team Work: Listening, building ideas as a team, trust
Leadership: Learn to not be such a "boss" but instead encourage, inspire and get results fast.
Sales: Sincerity, clarity, creativity, body language, reading your customer & teamwork..
Public Speaking : Stage fright, effective presentations, holding audience attention
Listening: Learning how to trust our co-workers ideas, reading body language,

Are there other workshops you offer that address other elements of our work?

Public Speaking Boot Camp: Learn to master a crowd with the same techniques used by stand-up comedians and actors.
Sales Team Rev Up: Empower your sales team not only as a group, but as the unique individuals they are.
Cool Boss Training for Management: A big pressure release when you don’t have to worry about not making a mistake. Read body language better. Listen better. Empower your employees.

Ask us for other options that suit your needs! 

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Lets face it, even business needs a burst of fresh air every so often. Let us create a unique experience for your company. Let's shake things up.

What the heck for?

To grow. Our unique style of coaching large groups of people into a well oiled creative machine is a one of a kind experience.  Each exercise and game has a playful theme and is combined with a game element that points out where and why we hold ourselves back from reaching out full potential.  In these workshops, participants walk in willing to jump into the unknown.  They leave reacquainted with their natural instincts and their talents alive and kicking!

How long are these workshops? We have work to do!

We can make it a few short hours or over several days/sessions. It really depends on the goals of your company.

How many can participate?
How many you got? We can do small groups or large. We can match your needs. Maybe you want to break people up into certain groups that always work together. Or mix them up to give them fresh perspective. It’s really up to you.

What is Improvisation anyway?

We get asked this a lot. Improvisation is the art of being spontaneous and in the moment at all times. We are born able to improvise, but with all of the learning we do while growing up we sort of lose confidence in our natural abilities and instincts. We basically become obsessed with being right all the time. So in an improv class or workshop you relearn how to do all of that. Mostly through theatrical type games and challenges. Improvisers typically use audience suggestions to guide the performance as they create dialogue, setting, and plot. Improvisational theatre performances tend to be comedic, although some forms are not necessarily intended to be comedic.

Is there a dress code?
Yes. Comfortable clothing and sneakers.  Be ready to move!