IMPROV INTENSIVE ( 3 Hours - New & Current Students) is a jam packed session covering many of the most important elements of improvisation at Hudson Valley Improv. Though no experience is necessary to join this class, a willingness and openness to jump right in is required. This ensemble class takes a group of students eager to learn and transforms them into a well oiled machine of improvisors. This class can travel anywhere in the USA and happens twice a year in NYC,

SUMMER CLINIC (12 Weeks - Pro Track & Company Members) is a technique based intensive that submerges our performers into the acting study they need to be better improvisors. Each week covers a new piece of the puzzle including:

  • Meisner Technique 
  • Sense Memory
  • Character Development
  • Monologues
  • Scene Study
  • Voice and Diction
  • Dialects and More!

HUDSON VALLEY IMPROV offers a variety of pro class intensives for new students, current improv students and cast members. Improvisation is the foundation of all we do here at HVI, and offering continuing education to make us better performers is one of the things we do. After establishing yourself as one of our growing team of improvisers, we offer acting classes and special workshops to help you continue to grow you technique as a performer.  

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